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Frontals Vs. Closures

“Don’t be clueless about closures!”

Let me help you

Closure Vs Frontal

All That & More Custom Hair Extensions has just started selling frontals online with free shipping Go to however you are still welcome to schedule a consultation for a custom fitting to help you achieve the perfect natural looking flawless celebrity look. Call All That & More Hair Salon 678-663-5298 ask 4 Kia she will help introduce you to options you may never even known exist. Have you ever installed or had frontals before? Do you or your clients have a preference? Don’t be clueless about closures!

What is the difference between the two?

The biggest differences between a frontal and a closure is the construction, and how they are installed. Let’s look a little deeper into these differences so you can recommend the right choice for all your clients or if your not a stylist let me help you choose for yourself with ease!

Let’s start here:

What are closures?

Closures are placed in the horseshoe area at the top of a weave to close off the style. If placed properly just behind the hairline, a closure can allow the wearer to wear a full weave with no hair left out while giving the appearance of a natural scalp area.

What are frontals?

Frontals are shaped in a strip and run temple to temple. A frontal is meant to be bonded in place and gives the wearer a realistic hairline meant to mimic hair growing from the scalp.

When recommending the right hair piece to finish your hair or client’s weave or wig off, it’s important to figure out their lifestyle and what hairstyles they prefer to wear most.

Top Hairstyles for Closures:

Closures are really versatile and useful for a variety of hairstyles. The “part” can be placed anywhere on the top of the head (middle, off center, slightly to the sides) to achieve a client’s preferred choice. It’s great for styles that really utilize the part like swoop bangs, pigtails, french braids and other styles that include hair that frame the face.

Top Hairstyles for Frontals:

Frontals are best for hairstyles that pull hair away from the face, since they span from temple to temple and mimic the natural hairline. This is exceptionally versatile, especially if the client wants to create sleek ponytails, half-up dos, top knots and all other off-the-face hairstyles.

How they are installed:

Both closures and frontals have similar install options, though they each have best practices.


The most popular way to install a closure is by bonding it in place on the front hairline and sewing the back down. Another popular way to install a closure is by sewing (no glue, bond or adhesive method) the closure in and then installing the rest of the weave around it. This is another way to get a natural hairline look.It is placed close to the edge of the braided foundation near the hairline and the stylist sews around the perimeter and is finished off with knots to keep it secure. Sometimes the client will choose to keep a bit of their own hair out around the front to conceal the front edge.


Just like closures, frontals can be sewed in as well, but the most popular way to install a frontal is by bonding it in place on the front hairline and sewing the back down. This is the best way to get a natural hairline look. A frontal will require the sealing of the knots to help keep the hair secured firmly in the cap

Now you know the basics and can answer any questions your clients may have. Both frontals and closures are great ways to finish off a gorgeous and natural install, so be sure to run through the differences to match the perfect hair piece to everyone that sits in your chair! I hope this helps.

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