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Clients Favorite!

All That & More KISS Hair Extensions

Flat * Flexible * Invisible * No Lumps * No Bumps

Hair Extensions You Can't See Or Feel!

Suitable for most hair types & Lengths.

AT&MKISS Hair Extension Application uses a signature blending professional system Using NO sewing, NO braids, NO glue, NO Tape, AT&MKISS Hair Extensions are the most Invisible, most flattest, most comfortable, & most flexible, NATURAL LOOKING HAIR EXTENSIONS BLENDING METHOD ON THE MARKET TODAY! They have been designed to easily natural Blending Hair Extension technique. KiaStyles Signature technique is a client favorite said to be the most comfortable and reliable of all weft techniques offered for individuals who hair or scalp cant withstand sewing or glue. The AT&MKiss Hair Extension Blending method eliminates the use of sewing which pulls the hair in directions that it's not meant to be pulled for. The straining from sewing can cause your hair follicle to weaken, even leading to hair loss. With the AT&MKiss method, your hair is facing in a downward motion the way it grows naturally, meaning it will lay flat and grow downward with no damage to the hair follicle. Along with the elimination of sewing comes the elimination of thread which can break easily if exposed to water often. Recommended for normal to thick hair.

Why AT&MKISS Hair Extensions & Application Method?

Our signature method is the affordable alternative while also making sure you get the 100% human REMY hair you deserve. Unlike our competitors, our hidden extension design is thick all the way down to the ends. We are the least expensive per gram and offer 40% more hair than our competitors.

Re~Fitting & Tightening Maintenance

If you plan on keeping your extensions long term, make sure you get them refitted every 4-6 weeks. The sooner you stop in to get them tightened, the better. As your natural hair continues to grow with your extensions, on average, humans lose 50-150 strands of hair per day. Re-fittings are especially important because hair that has already naturally shed will be stuck in your extensions until I have a chance to brush brush them out. The longer you wait, the more hair will be stuck in your extensions. Waiting long periods of time in between tightening can cause tangling, matting, and stress to your natural hair. After 10 weeks without a tightening, I will have to remove the extensions and put them back in. Even if they feel fine, book a reservation so we can make sure there is no tangling or other problems that you may not be able to see on your own. Tightening prices vary and can be seen below

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